Oglas Novi SUNFLOROMASH adapter za suncokret je prodan i ne učestvuje u pretraživanju!
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novi SUNFLOROMASH adapter za suncokret
14.600 EUR
Tip adapter za suncokret
Godina proizvodnje 2021
Prva registracija 2021
Neto težina 2500 kg
Lokacija Ukrajina Berdyansk
Datum objavljivanja više od 1 mjeseca
Agriline ID ZJ24997
Širina hvatanja 8.5 m
Broj redova 12
Performanca 10 t/č
Radna brzina 12 km/h
Ukupne dimenzije 2.87 m × 8.58 m × 1.01 m
Stanje novi
Dodatne informacije
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Dodatne informacije
There is a special offer for dealers. FCA delivery. The product frame has a 15-year warranty! For components 2 years!
Sunfloromash - manufacturer of agricultural machinery of European level. There are special offers for dealers. Delivery by FCA. Painting in the customer's color.

The header "Sunfloro Light" is a completely new product on the Ukrainian market. Through marketing research, we have introduced only useful functionality into the header, which significantly improves the quality characteristics of the header as a whole construction.
The wishes and reviews of hundreds of farmers, based on their own practice in harvesting sunflower crops, were also taken into consideration.

The sunflower headers  "Sunfloro Light" are part of the premium product line of the Sunfloro brand. The "Sunfloro Light" headers have become much lighter and stronger than other global brands. Tests of our products in the fields have proved that the harvesting of sunflower heads can take place smoothly, with minimal losses at a high harvesting speed, and due to the special design of the drive units in the header, the service life is at least 15 years.

The "Sunfloro Light" range of sunflower headers allows you to choose a header for the most powerful combine harvesters. For example of this is a sunflower header with a working width of 11.3 meters, which is excellent for working with continuous sowing, field mowing and non-standard row spacings, and will perfectly cope with a sunflower spacing of 70 cm; will maximize the workload of the combine, which in turn will reduce the financial costs of farmers.

More details on our website: sunfloromash.com
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SUNFLOROMASH adapteri za suncokret
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